Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Wardell Pottery and Metalwork is the creation of Lorrie and Michael Wardell.  We have been known as Wardell Pottery and/or Wardell Studios, and we have set up all of your searches to lead you to wardellstudios.com, in an attempt to eliminate confusion.  We have been making handmade pottery and jewelry for about 30 years, for most of our married lives.  Our journey started in southern New Jersey, where we grew up.    In 2000 we moved to Saugerties, New York, a now booming small village in the Hudson Valley. 

Our ceramics journey started in 1988, and our eclectic backgrounds include science, education, biology, tech writing, and a variety of wonderful ceramic and jewelry workshops.  We love making spirit houses and fetish bowls to aid in creating meditation spaces and to reflect our own spiritual journeys.   Current passions include creating enameled, textured, and silkscreened jewelry.    

We are fortunate to have a new shop and jewelry studio at 158 Partition Street in Saugerties, adjacent to a seasonal outdoor restaurant and bar called Stella’s Station.  Saugerties is a wonderful village, with many restaurants, bookshops, a recently refurbished vintage movie theater, two chocolate shops, and much more.  This area is surrounded by beautiful waterways and mountains, a very popular venue for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

We are finally updating this website, thanks for your patience!  You may have seen our fountains, spirit houses, tiles, enameled jewelry and functional work at craft shows from Virginia to Vermont, or at wholesale markets and galleries across the country. 

We love to work together, and we have been fortunate enough to learn by attending workshops taught by fabulous ceramic artists including Cynthia Bringle, Nick Joerling, Lana Wilson, Marsha Owen, Paul Soldner, Mary Barringer, Peter Voulkos, Michael Lamarr, and Mikhail Zakin.  More recently we have been honored to learn copper enameling and jewelry techniques from Kathleen Wilcox, Kathryn Osgood, online with Jan Harrell and Barbara Minor, and from our local master jeweler Raychel Wengenroth.

We hope that you can find time to visit our shop, we have stopped doing craft shows and we are only doing wholesale for local businesses.  You can find our work at Krause’s Chocolates, Miss Lucy’s restaurant, Hudson Valley Dessert Company, and Bluestone Roasting Company, all in Saugerties. 

Ribbon-cutting with the Chamber of Commerce 6/17/2022

Our hours currently (as of February 2023) are:

Friday:  11 to 6

Saturday:  11 to 6

Sunday:  11 to 6

For more information, email us at Wardellstudios@gmail.com or text or call 845-633-2295.  Thanks for visiting our website!  Please sign up for our mailing list by clicking on the “MAILING LIST” tab at the top of this page.