May 31, 2018 – A lot going on!!!


We signed up for the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour this year, there are a lot of events for the public to participate in, please visit for more info, that site is in the process of being updated constantly, so please visit it more than once!

Hudson Valley Silverworks, Raychel Wengenroth’s remarkable and wonderful teaching studio is a great place to learn metalsmithing and a variety of techniques.  We are teaching a weekend workshop in August about “Fun with the Hydraulic Press”.  Stay tuned for more info, and be sure to visit Raychel’s site at  Here is an example of a pair of earrings textured with the hydraulic press.

I will soon be posting  photos illustrating the process of creating the Dutch Ale House beer mugs.  My friend and neighbor Stacey Estrella of Humanifesto Studios is an incredibly talented photographer, and she is working on a delicious portfolio for us.  Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for visiting our website!!!

New Beginnings and a New Website

This website publishing is quite an adventure.  I finally devoted a few days to getting it up and running so that people could at least find us,  but it is much more complicated than I had hoped!

We are very excited to be part of the Saugerties Artist Studio Tour 2018.  We have been making a lot of custom mugs for local businesses, and we really want to get back into the spirit house frame of mind.  Mike and I have always loved using our art to convey positive ideas and energies, and the spirit houses and mugs with happy messages enabled us to do that.

We are also struggling to find time to make more enameled jewelry, and we have taken classes on various techniques to incorporate in new and exciting ways.  Stay posted for updates!